Friday, March 8, 2013

The first meeting of Student Transitional Committee of the current North Penn and Liberty Schools occurred on Friday, March 3rd.  The meeting was held at the District Office with the District Reorganization Facilitator and covered the topics of; their concerns for next year, mascots, and colors.  A list of potential mascots and colors was compiled and will be voted on by the entire student body and forwarded to the school board for their approval.

The students went on to discuss similarities and differences between the schools and were truly excited for the opportunities that would be afforded to both school populations that are currently not available.  Some items of note were: FFA, FBLA, Culture Club, and an expanded theater program.  Additionally, the opportunity to have more business classes and classes such as digicom were high up on the list of interests.

Another topic that was addressed was what school specific "stuff" should be included at the school and where it should go.  A list was compiled of awards, trophies, and plaques that were important to both student bodies and where they should go. These came from a broad base of athletic, academic, music, memorial, and historical items. Additionally, the topic of coming up with a new Alma Mater was discussed and both schools wanted to make an alma mater that included the other schools alma mater into one unified version.  The Liberty High School weight room was another area of excitement as North Penn currently does not have any weight "clubs".  The idea was brought forth that the names will be brought up from Liberty that are displayed currently, and then both student bodies will continue on together with that tradition.

The meeting ended with the Liberty students asking for a tour of the North Penn High School, which happened on the spot.  The NPHS students were more than happy to take the LHS students over and showed them all of the facility.